Concordance is an application I’ve written for Mac OS X, intended for people who sometimes like to sweat the details when writing texts.

I wrote it for my own use. Its primary function is to allow you to control repetitions in your texts: it counts how often each word occurs in a text and also how often each sequence of words is repeated. There are several reasons I have come to find this indispensable as an author. The simplest is that it makes it easier to notice when I’ve been using a particular word (such as ‘particular’) too much. The same with phrases such as clichés. Also, noting where repeated phrases occur can help with improving the overall structure of the text. And for long texts, I can discover when I’ve inadvertently introduced an issue more than once in different places. And so on.

I think all authors should use it, so I’ve decided to make it freely available to everyone. It’s ‘donationware’. That means you’re welcome to download it free, or you can freely choose to pay whatever you think it’s worth. I’ll be delighted if anyone sends me bug reports, feature requests or stories about how useful Concordance is, but I may or may not fix the bugs or implement the features.

To download Concordance, click the Download Now button below and it will download the compressed file called If your browser does not automatically decompress the file, double-click it to decompress the Concordance application. Double-click that to launch it. (Users who are updating: Then, for a list of new features and bug fixes, select Release Notes… from Concordance’s Help menu.)

Download for OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan or later. (May run on earlier versions of OS X, but with cosmetic and functional defects.) It should work fine in all European and Middle-Eastern languages but has only crude support for Chinese and other non-alphabetic languages.


You’re welcome to download it free. If you like Concordance, donate whatever it’s worth to you:



Depending on your Mac’s security settings, it may refuse to launch Concordance. If so, go to  > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy, and then open the lock at the bottom left if necessary, and then give permission, and then try launching Concordance again. I don’t think it can possibly harm your computer but if I’m wrong, that’s your responsibility not mine.