Papers, Articles, Audio

Some Research Papers

The Logic of Experimental Tests, Particularly of Everettian Quantum Theory Here.

Constructor Theory of Information (with Chiara Marletto)

My philosophical paper Constructor Theory, about why I expect constructor theory to be the most fundamental branch of physics, appeared in Synthese 190 18 4331-59 (2013).

Vindication of quantum locality, a summary of the Deutsch–Hayden argument, and a refutation of various criticisms of it, appeared in Proceedings of the Royal Society A468 531-44 (2012)

My contribution It From Qubit to the celebrations of John Wheeler’s 90th birthday appeared in Science & Ultimate Reality, John Barrow, Paul Davies, Charles Harper, Eds. (Cambridge University Press, 2004).

A transcript of my talk Physics, Philosophy and Quantum Technology at the Sixth International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing is in Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing, Shapiro, J.H. and Hirota, O., Eds. (Rinton Press, Princeton, NJ. 2003).

The Structure of the Multiverse appeared in Proceedings of the Royal Society A458 2028 2911-23 (2002).

Machines, Logic and Quantum Physics by myself, Artur Ekert and Rossella Luppachini, appeared in Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 3 3 (September 2000).

Information Flow in Entangled Quantum Systems (with Patrick Hayden), disproves the myth of ‘quantum non-locality’. It appeared in Proceedings of the Royal Society A456 1759-74 (2000).

Quantum Theory of Probability and Decisions appeared in Proceedings of the Royal Society A455 3129-97 (1999).

My paper on the interpretation of quantum mechanics, Comment on Lockwood… appeared in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 47 2 222-8 (1996).

Rapid Solution of Problems by Quantum Computation (with Richard Jozsa) (read online at JSTOR) appeared in Proceedings of the Royal Society A439 1907 553-8 (1992).

Quantum computational networks (read online at JSTOR) appeared in Proceedings of the Royal Society A425 1868 (1989).

A measurement process in a stationary quantum system ( appeared in Twistor Newsletter 31 4 (1990).

Here’s my 1985 Proceedings of the Royal Society paper Quantum theory, the Church-Turing principle and the universal quantum computer, transcribed to PDF by Wim van Dam. (1985).

Quantum Theory as a Universal Physical Theory (1985) Note: the paper contains misprints and also the major error of trying to define an “interpretation basis”. However, that does not affect Section 8 (the experiment to distinguish Everettian from collapse versions of quantum theory).

Towards a quantum theory without ‘quantization’ (1984)

Some articles

A Short History of Israel (to be updated).

My essay “Beyond Reward and Punishment” on artificial general intelligence,  in the collection Possible Minds.

My answer to the Edge question 2014, “What scientific idea is ready for retirement?”, is Quantum Jumps. (January, 2014).

My article marking the 40th anniversary of Jacob Bronowski’s TV documentary series The Ascent of Man appeared in Nautilus (December 2013) here.

My article on fallibilism appeared in Nautilus (June 2013). (Please ignore the very misleading title which was not chosen by me.)

My article on Artificial Intelligence appeared in Aeon magazine, here. (October, 2012).

Einstein the Realist at Project Syndicate (September 2011).

‘Deutsch’s Law’: My answer to the Edge question 2004, “What Is Your Law?” is here. (January, 2004).

Physics, Philosophy and Quantum Technology (2002) Early groping toward constructor theory.

First impressions of Stephen Wolfram’s book A New Kind of Science in The Daily Telegraph (May, 2002).

How are moral assertions connected with the world of facts? – my answer to the Edge question 2002: “What is your question … why?” (January, 2002).

My answer to the Edge question What Now? after the September 11, 2001 attack on the US.

The Discrete and the Continuous, an abridged version of which appeared in The Times Higher Education Supplement (January, 2001).

My answer to the Edge question 2001: “What questions have disappeared – and why?” is “And Why?” (January, 2001).


My Contribution to the UFO Debate.

Man, the Mobile Mineral (December, 1994).

Some interviews

[See here for some video interviews.]

With Jay Shapiro about various moral issues, on the Dilemma podcast.

The Primacy of Ideas – with Christofer Lövgren on the Do Explain podcast.

TED interview with Chris Anderson (October 23, 2018)

Interview with Aidan Mccullen on RTÉ’s The Innovation Show.

‘Visionaries’ interview with John Lobell (by the way, it’s not quantum constructor theory).

Radio interview with CBC’s Tapestry about AGI and other things. (June, 2018.)

Audio conversation with Micah Redding of the Christian Transhumanists here.

Audio conversation with Sam Harris here. (December, 2015.)

Interview in Nature about objective beauty (October, 2015).

Radio interview with CBC’s The Current, here. (October, 2011).

Ken Rose’s interview for What Now has been transcribed by Josh Jordan, here. (October, 2011.)

Radio interview with Sci-Fi London about parallel universes, time, Fringe, etc. (September 2011.) Transcript here.

My AirTalk interview (download mp3). Transcription by Josh Jordan, here. (September, 2011).

Radio interview with Groks Science Show (direct mp3 link). (September, 2011.)

Zoe Strimpel of City A.M. interviewed me about The Beginning of Infinityhere (April, 2011).

My interview with KERA Think Radio has been transcribed by Josh Jordan, here (August 2011).

My On Point interview (direct mp3 link) has been transcribed by Josh Jordan, here (August, 2011).

Die Welt ist bizarr, an interview translated into German, appeared in Der Spiegel (March, 2005).

Interview with Filiz Peach for Philosophy Now (Issue 30, December 2000) is here (December, 2000).